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As a coast-to-coast relocation company in Canada, we aim to be the “best-in-class” service provider to the business community in meeting their needs when relocating employees and their families. Our goal is to provide our clients with the personalized service they need when navigating the details of relocating, and ensuring a smooth and effective relocation to their new locale. From establishing themselves in a new community, to ensuring their most individual needs are met, our specialists will work with our clients to make it a stress free and enjoyable experience. Our primary objective is to enable relocating employees to focus solely on their jobs and productivity while assisting them and their families to settle comfortably into their new communities and surroundings.

Testimonial of the Week

Thanks to Jill this relocating employee and his family found a great rental property in their relocation to Calgary. 

“Hi Jill, 

Overall I really enjoyed working with you, very knowledgeable about the general Calgary area and you didn’t just work with me as a client you worked with me as a friend. You also put a lot of effort into helping with inquiring about the details of the rental as well as helping me convince the renters that I am a good tenant to have around. I would not have found the place I reside now if it wasn’t for the service you provided.



Testimonial of the Week

Welcomehome Relocations is the leading Canadian destination service provider to the business community. Our primary objective is to enable the relocating professional to focus solely on their job, while we take care of the rest. Adrienne, one of our experienced Relocation Specialists in Calgary, was able to accomplish that goal by successfully settling a transferee in a comfortable home for him and his family.

“Good morning Adrienne

First of all, thank you for all your support, advises and give me a hand to find a place as I was looking for. From the beginning you provided me clear explanations, precise information and the most important customer service. It was very nice from you give me advise and explain me different things about renting in Calgary.   

I’m totally satisfied with your service.

Thank you again and thanks for your wishes.



Testimonial of the Week

From coast-to-coast Welcomehome’s Relocation Specialist are assisting transferees, expats, and their families with their corporate relocation. Thanks Shirley for all the great work you do in Saint John, Moncton, and Fredericton.

“Hi Shirley,

What a whirl wind we have been on. We are still sorting through some boxes but I guess that will take a while. We are really enjoying the house and LOVE the neighborhood. We are close to everything.

We appreciated everything you did for us, I would gladly recommend you to anyone going through the relocation process, you made it easy at such a stressful time in our lives. We can’t thank you enough.

Sometime when you are in Moncton we would love it if you stopped by.

Thanks so much for everything!


Testimonial of the Week

Relocating to St. John’s? Matt is there to help. As one of our seasoned Relocation Specialists Matt is experienced in various aspects of Destination Services. Let him know what you need to make a smooth and transition and we’ll make it happen.

“Hi Matt,

I would like to recognize the local contact Matt. He was exceptional and took us all around town. The places he had picked out for us were great. He was very helpful and clearly understood our needs and requirements and helped us find a rental property very quickly!

I would recommend continuing to use Matt for any St. John’s house hunting trips.

Thank you for the great service!

Kind regards,


Testimonial of the Week

Thanks Roxanne for all the work you do in Toronto. You truly embody the spirit of Welcomehome and ensure that relocating professionals and their families have a smooth transition to their new location. 


“Hi Roxanne, 

We are in the customer service business, so our expectations of what excellent customer is tend to be higher than most people’s. In my opinion Roxanne, you went above and beyond my expectations in helping me transition to Canada. You were friendly, caring, taking the time to ensure that I found a place to live that would meet mine and my daughter’s needs. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and level of caring in that our transition from the US to Canada went as smooth as possible.

Best regards, 


Testimonial of the Week

Welcomehome’s Debbie received some great feedback from an expatriate relocating to Calgary. Providing your relocating employee with Destination Services allows for a soft landing in their new location. By relieving the stresses associated with relocating it allows the expatriate to focus on their new position.


The place is fantastic and I am very happy with it. Thank you very much for all your help; your hard work and dedication was an incredible resource for me, and I really appreciate everything you did. Without your help, this would have been a much more challenging process.

All the best!



Expatriate alphabet — the A, B, Cs that can make your expat experience better

Originally posted on "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...":

by Margarita

Expatriate alphabet: A is for ATTENTION

How many kisses make a greeting?  Who gets to sit and who gets to stand in ABCs expat alphabetpublic transport?  What is a proper way to thank someone?

Sure you can find answers to these and other questions through reading about a country and taking a cross-cultural training.  But you can also find all this and more through simply paying attention to what’s happening around you.

We start our expat alphabet with a basic tip that can be useful anywhere, anytime.  You don’t even have to be an expat to benefit from you. Paying attention to what happens around you, observing it, and learning from it is an excellent way to get information about the culture you are living in.

What have you learned in the past by simply paying attention?

And what can you learn this week?

Expatriate alphabet: B is…

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Testimonial of the Week

Michelle once again shines. Another successful relocation to Toronto.

“Hi Michelle –

To say that you made my new home search “enjoyable” would be a colossal understatement. To even say that we were “supremely successful” in the search wouldn’t do the experience justice. You have truly helped to make my new home dreams here in Toronto come true! You took the time not only to listen to what was important to me, but then to tailor our time together perfectly so that I saw places that would meet/exceed my expectations. Now that is customer service. All the while you were personable, knowledgeable, helpful and oh-so friendly. If/when I’m in the market to rent again, I will be sure to contact you.

“Thank you” is such a small gesture, but I truly do THANK YOU.

My best,

Testimonial of the Week

Expatriate relocating to Toronto, Canada? Michelle is ready to help ease your move. 


Good Afternoon –

Michelle, my agent, was most helpful, delightful, insightful, and all-around A+.  She really listened to what was important to me and tailored our time together perfectly. She found me the most beautiful rental property close to work. I’ve move in and settled nicely. On that note, I benefited greatly from Michelle’s professional real estate knowledge as she was able to answer my many (many) questions about the rental agreement, etc.

Thanks ever so much for the wonderful assistance.

All the best,